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Trends Dashboards

The Trends Dashboard provides close to real-time insights into mobility, economic activity, and land use across specified geographies. At the height of COVID-19, this feature offered users a comprehensive view of evolving trends through an intuitive interface, enabling informed decisions about community status and public policies.


The goal was to redesign the loose UI/UX framework for this new data product, enhancing user experience and data accessibility to deliver actionable weekly insights for mobility and spend patterns nationwide.


The redesign began in August 2020 and culminated in a successful beta launch in October 2020, just in time to support pandemic response efforts.

Initial Plan

Joining Replica in August 2020, I was greeted by a feature conceived as an MVP and hastily deployed to users amidst the unfolding pandemic. The development, primarily driven by developers in the absence of a dedicated product design and management team, resulted in a functional yet unrefined user interface. Recognizing the potential impact of this tool, especially in providing critical insights during the pandemic, my task was to transform this MVP into a fully realized, user-centric feature. This required not just a redesign of the interface but a reevaluation of the dashboard's role within the broader context of Replica's offerings and the urgent needs of our users during an unprecedented global crisis.

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User Research

With a clear signal on what data Replica needed to provide, I initially worked with PMs and our customer success team as proxies for our users to develop a set of requirements and designs and data science backed visualization standards. Once a beta version was released, I helped run user feedback sessions to inform rapid development and deployment of subsequent iterations.

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Changes and Improvements
  • Rapid Focus on Core Requirements: Enhanced user experience by leveraging a basic framework of product requirements.

  • Revamping User Experience: Designed, prototyped, and tested a new UI that aligned with user expectations and needs.

  • Establishing Data Visualization Standards: Developed a comprehensive style guide for charts and maps to ensure clarity and consistency.

  • Implementing Event Tracking: Introduced event tracking capabilities to mark dates or periods of interest on charts.

  • Reflecting the New Brand Identity: Ensured consistent application of new brand aesthetics across the feature and the entire application.

Results and User Impact

The Trends Dashboard met the requirements to renew and secure a multi-million dollar contract with the state of New York. Subsequent large-value contracts and renewals followed due to demand for access to Trends data, thanks to its intuitive presentation and controls.

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More Replica Work

Studio Preview.png

Studio.Replica Redesign

The Studio.Replica redesign transformed Replica's platform into a user-friendly tool for creating, customizing, and publishing data-driven reports and dashboards. This redesign enhanced the overall user experience by providing intuitive data visualization capabilities.

Study Preview.png

Places Study

The Places Study feature revolutionizes how users interact with mobility data, offering a granular view of daily life dynamics for residents, visitors, and commercial vehicles nationwide. It provides comprehensive insights through an intuitive interface, enabling detailed analysis of demographic and mobility patterns.

Data Preview.png

Data Library

Designed for seamless data exploration, the Data Library consolidates Replica's and third-party datasets into a single, user-friendly interface. This feature allows technical users to easily consume data for integration into their workflows.

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