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A Brand Built For Beautiful Data

Replica's "Product First" branding approach establishes a systematic and cohesive identity through its type, logos, colors, and illustrations. The responsive logo design adapts to different contexts, simplifying the mark as space decreases—first losing its outline, then reducing to the iconic "R" logo. This ensures brand recognition across various platforms.

A Modern Classic 

Proxima Nova, was chosen for its functionality and versatility. It meets the demanding formatting requirements of data visualization while providing sufficient variation for branding purposes. This consistency in typography ensures a seamless user experience and brand presentation.

Brand - Font.png
Colors that Scale

The color palette is developed using data science principles, specifically equidistant color scaling, to enhance geospatial data visualization. By selecting endpoint colors and creating a cohesive set through equidistant steps, we achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing color scheme. This method ensures that all colors work together seamlessly, reflecting the brand’s commitment to clarity and precision in data representation.

Brand - Colors.png
Brand - Illustration - bkg_edited.png
Video - Ipad.png
A Modular Illustrated World

I aimed to highlight the interconnectivity of the entire built environment through an ambitious illustration project, utilizing a component-based design system approach. This resulted in an illustrative design system for the brand, centered around a concept called "Replica City." This city illustration comprises 15 distinct tiles, each representing various concepts integral to Replica's mission and the built environment.


For instance, some city tiles emphasize freight or commercial shipping, while others depict urban elements, creating a cohesive cityscape. As we move through the city tiles, we can isolate more specific concepts and use them in projects requiring simpler illustrations. After using these illustrations for over a year, we’ve found the system to be incredibly modular—akin to building with LEGO bricks. We can extract images from any part of any tile to construct new and thoughtful concepts, demonstrating the versatility and interconnectivity of the design.

Brand - Banners.png
Brand - Chart.png

More Work Examples

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Replica Places Study
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The Replica Brand
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Replica Data Library
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mySidewalk Dashboards
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Replica Design System
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Replica Trends
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Studio.Replica Redesign
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