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mySidewalk Reports and Dashboards

The Reports and Dashboards feature at mySidewalk are powerful tools designed to support community development, health outcomes, economic stability, housing security, and public safety through data visualization and analysis. This feature functions similarly to a web-building platform like Squarespace, allowing users to create, customize, and publish data-driven reports and dashboards.
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To provide community stakeholders, policymakers, and analysts with intuitive tools to visualize complex data and derive sharable insights for improving community outcomes.

Development Timeline

Over several years, I led the product design for the Dashboards feature, from conceptualization to MVP, and continued its iterative enhancement. This process involved extensive user research, prototyping, user testing, and collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Creating a New Category of Product

The only data insights and communication platform of its kind. The dashboard UI/UX interface features a user-friendly interface for building and editing dashboards. Users can fully customize their reports and dashboards with comprehensive text, media, and layout components. The drag-and-drop functionality allows for easy addition, removal, and arrangement of data widgets. Additionally, customizable templates streamline the creation process.

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Intuitive Data Visualization Creation

This feature integrates various data sources, such as census and public health data, to provide comprehensive insights. Users can intuitively access data and create page components using geospatial data visualizations, interactive charts, and graphs to facilitate data exploration and communication. Tools are available for filtering and segmenting data to focus on specific metrics.

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Publishing and Sharing

Users have options to publish dashboards publicly or share them privately with stakeholders. Dashboards can be embedded into external websites and reports, and real-time updates ensure the latest data changes are reflected. The designs are responsive and ADA and WCGA 2 compliant, ensuring accessibility and usability across different devices and for all users.

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User Impact

Thousands of dashboards have now been created and published by community leaders across the country. This feature addressed a previously unsolved problem, supporting critical initiatives such as housing security and economic development. Users can easily visualize demographic trends, economic indicators, and other vital metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Example Dashboards

User Guide and Resources

Feel free to browse details on how to utilize the Reports and Dashboards feature, refer to the mySidewalk Style guide,  Storytelling Knowledge Center and the Getting Started Guide.

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