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Replica Design System

About the Project

Built on the MUI suite of UI tools and implemented in Figma, the Replica Design System is a centralized source of truth that empowers consistent standards across a recognizable family of product experiences.

Why a Design System?

Organizations are now investing in design systems as a way to scale design and optimize engineering efforts. Airbnb, Shopify, Atlassian and Mailchimp are a few of the many great leaders in this space.

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Replica Design System Values

Customer Experience
Our design system gives end users a sense of security and reliability as they interact with Replica product experiences.

All elements in the design system are stored in both design and code. For designers, this library is published in Figma. For development teams, this work is centralized Storybook.

Iteration & Innovation
Our design system is a product with its own features, users, product owners and road map. A “design system as product” philosophy unlocks iterative improvement to the standards that drive out our applications and digital experiences.

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Benefits to the Replica Platform

Elevated Design Value
Designers should prioritize most of their time for learning and researching business needs, identifying problems-to-be-solved, creating solutions and delivering documented handoffs to their dev team. With standards in place, designers focus less on UI and aesthetics.

Accelerated Development Time
Visual and functional front-end code is pre-built and centralized for every aspect of the design system. Documentation of these standards gives developers the tools they need to build projects efficiently.

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More Replica Work

Study Preview.png

Places Study

Unlocked insights with a cutting-edge visual querying tool. Analyzing the intricate web of activities across any U.S. region with Replica's comprehensive Places dataset.

Trends Preview.png

Trends Dashboards

Navigating the latest in mobility, economic activity, and land use with a comprehensive, weekly-updated dashboard.

Data Preview.png

Data Library

A centralized access point to Replica's extensive datasets, simplifying data discovery, preview, and download for in-depth analysis.

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